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*** Good NEWS ***........ 67th Get To Gather Function "Parichay Mela" For Highly Educated Muslim Boys and Girls And their Parents Will be Insha Allah on 26 February Sunday 2 PM At Town Hall (A.C) Elis Bridge Cross Road Near V.S Hospital Ashram Road Ahmadabad. Entry opens only for Registered Members & their family. Please Note this Get to Gather Function Only for Unmarried Candidate. Entry Fees is 50/-Rs per Person. If you are not registered then please contact our office.

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Saiyed Ayazhusen [9885]
26yrs, Khambhat, India
Dr. Shaheen Hamdani [6861]
33yrs, Raipur, India
Arab Sahista [11752]
29yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Shaikh Rafiuddin [9880]
34yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Shaikh Aminuddin [9881]
29yrs, Ahmedabad, India
20yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Kazi Rehana [6917]
22yrs, Thasra, India
Saiyed Shana [6916]
21yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Nagori Munira Khatun [6914]
23yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Saiyad Afroja banu [6915]
16yrs, Borsad, India
Shaikh Mohammed Waleed [12725]
33yrs, N A ( Canada ), Canada
Kadri Sadiya ( Saiyed ) [6912]
23yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Radhanpuri Rahila Anjum [6911]
25yrs, Ahmedabad, India
Molvi Faisal [9882]
33yrs, Baroda, India
Inamdar Sadaf [6913]
23yrs, Valsad, India
Dr Tabassum Mansuri [6924]
23yrs, Baroda, India
Dr MunavvarJahan Qureshi [6923]
24yrs, Baroda, India
Mansuri Shahina [6907]
27yrs, Prantij, India
Salot Sana [6909]
20yrs, Rajkot, India
Shaikh Faizan [9875]
24yrs, Ahmedabad, India